Learn To Play Guitar

By Mandy Morris

Have you ever wanted to become a rock star? Would you like to know how to play your favorite songs on your guitar? Or write your own music? Maybe you would just like to play songs with your family sitting around the campfire, or serenade your love. Whatever your interests are, learning to play the guitar can be lots of fun.

I have been a music lover all of my life. Since I was a kid, music was my passion. I can still remember my favorite songs, and the memories they bring back to me. For music lovers like myself, music has always had a special meaning. Even though I'm not exactly a youngster any more, you will still find me cranking up the radio, jamming to my favorite songs.

Although I learned to play a few different instruments, my instument of choice is the guitar. It's very easy to learn and I love the way it sound


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s. There are so many different sounds you can implement with a guitar such as: classical, rhythm, bass, solo, and a number of others. Once you get started, it's hard to put it down! You'll be enjoying your new found talent more than ever before.

I didn't start learning to play the guitar until the age of 15. I was amazed at the ease of learning it. For someone who doesn't play an instrument, the guitar is one of the best instruments to start with. I wish I had. It would have made my learning experience a lot more fun!

Stastics have shown that children who learn to play an instrument do better in shcool and function at a higher social level. It gives them confidence in other areas and makes them feel good about themselves. It also gives them something to look forward to and to strive to get better at.

Who knows? Maybe you or your child will become the next Garth Brooks or Jimmy Hendrix! You never know what the future can bring. But even if that doesn't happen, playing the guitar can enrich your horizons, and make your life much more fun.

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